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Four different types of bugs

The Role of Bugs in our Environment

Most people look at bugs as the be all end all when ti comes to nature. They feel that these bugs have no purpose and they are nothing more than an annoyance. However,bugs play a vital role in our environment and without bugs, most people would be surprised at just how our world would be. Therefore, before you start to kill the bug that crosses your path, consider what its role may be and refrain from doing this. Continue reading

Endangered species word cloud

How To Protect Endangered Species of Bugs

When most people think of endangered species, they often think of big mammals like the Panda bear, or even birds like the Bald Eagle. However, insects are just as endangered as some mammals that are found in nature. There are ways that a person can protect the endangered insects in their environment, and it would be good if everyone did these things in order to ensure that years later we are not talking about some bugs since they are have disappeared from nature. Continue reading

Roofing Problems: They Can Lead to Insect Infestations

Bugs are a part of our daily lives. You may not realize it, but the typical home in Toronto actually houses at least 100 different species of bugs. Although they may seem like a nuisance, these bugs actually do much of our work for us. From eating our dead skin cells to dealing with other, deadlier microorganisms, bugs do so many amazing things for us. However, some bugs can actually cause a lot of harm to our health; these harmful bugs include cockroaches and mosquitoes. For this reason, we must deal with them promptly and effectively.

You may not realize it, but roofing problems can actually cause harmful bugs to infest your home. Why is this so? For one, roof leaks can actually make some part of your home wet, and these parts may include dark interiors. These wet, dark interiors can prove to be a great breeding ground for cockroaches and other harmful insects. Sure, getting pest removal contractors to remove them will do the trick for the time being, but they will still advise you to do one thing: deal with your roofing problem. Pest removal contractors are well aware that many pest problems result from structural issues, and for this reason, they will advise homeowners to deal with them if they want long-term solutions to their insect problems.

The good news for Toronto homeowners, however, is that the roofing Toronto homeowners can get from local contractors is of the highest quality. This is because the roofing Toronto residents get is done by professionals who are licensed, insured, and certified. Toronto roofing organizations are very strict when it comes to giving people a license to do roofing, and for this reason, even the average Toronto-based roofer can deal with even the most complex of roofing problems.

One of the Toronto homeowners who have benefited from the services of Toronto roofing contractors is Mason Jennings. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.

“There was a time when there were so many roaches in my home. Even though I dealt with them thoroughly, they kept on coming back. I thought that was just how things were. One time, I actually got help from a pest removal contractor. They advised me to get help from a roofer as it was possible that there were actually leaks in my roof, and that these leaks lead to my roach problem. I ended up hiring a roofer, and through his work, all the leaks in my home were dealt with. This lead to cockroaches not finding my home’s interiors a great place to live in anymore. My home has been roach-free for about six months now. It’s really amazing.”

Hopefully, this post of ours proves helpful to the many people out there who are dealing with pests at home. If you find that pests keep on coming back to your home, then it’s quite possible that you have roofing problems. The best thing you can do is get in touch with roofers. Through their help, you can easily find out if your pest problem is caused by a roofing problem.

Deal with Your Pest Problem Through Proper Plumbing

Bugs are everywhere. In a typical home, one can find more than a hundred different species of bugs. Luckily, though, most of these bugs are harmless. They actually offer many amazing benefits to us. Bugs, for one, eat our dead skin cells. Still, even though bugs are ubiquitous, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything if there’s too much of them in our home. The truth is that some bugs, when there are too much of them in one’s home, can be harmful to human health. Cockroaches carry allergens that can cause severe asthma attacks, especially among children. For this reason, we need to deal with infestations and other bug-related problems.

You might think that it’s easy to deal with bugs, but it actually isn’t. Most people think that using insecticides is the best solution to their bug problem. Although it does leave bugs dead, insecticides cause harm to the environment and may even harm human health. Also, insecticides don’t address the root of the problem, so in the end, it’s just a temporary solution. In order to effectively deal with bug problems, their causes must be addressed first and foremost.

One of the most common causes of bug problems here in the city of Toronto is, believe it or not, poor plumbing. According to my research, many of the homes here in Toronto have plumbing problems that lead to water filling up certain spaces in them. If you didn’t know, even small moist areas are a breeding ground for harmful insects. When these moist areas are in the nooks in crannies of a home, then they really become a perfect place for cockroaches and other harmful insects to live in.

The good news for Toronto homeowners is that they can easily deal with their plumbing problems. The truth is that the best plumbers in the area actually offer their services at very reasonable rates. The plumbing toronto gta citizens can get from these contractors isn’t compromised, so it’s really a wonder that citizens of the area don’t get help from them. If you check out the website of a local plumber or two, you will see that the typical plumbers from the area claim that they are licensed, insured, and certified; these claims can actually be confirmed in the appropriate websites, and by doing so, you will realize that we really aren’t exaggerating when we say that the plumbers here in Toronto really do a great job despite offering their services at really low rates.

Through the work of plumbers, so many Toronto homeowners have been able to easily deal with their pest problem. Of course, when dealing with a pest problem, it’s still best to consult with a team of pest control contractors first. If poor plumbing really is the cause of your pest problem, then they will most likely recommend that you contact a plumber from your area. Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to the many homeowners out there who happen to be readers of mine, and not just the ones from Toronto. You can say goodbye to your pest problem for good; you just have to get help from the right people.

The Bed Bug Invasion

The Bed Bug Invasion

There are people who used to think bed bugs were something relegated to an adage about having a good night’s sleep. But now the threat of these little monsters is becoming a very real problem all over the world.

The most recent major outbreak has been in New York and New Jersey. But bed bugs have only become widespread because they have a tendency to latch on to furniture and luggage and not let go until they have found a new place of residence. That makes it easy for them to travel from place to place, and who knows where they will take up residence next.

Resilient Pests

Bed bugs wouldn’t be nearly the trouble they are of it wasn’t for their hardy nature. They seem to resist pretty much any bug spray and insecticide, making them very hard to kill. The kinds of spray and bug traps that work for other bugs don’t seem to have much of an effect on them.

Even outright squishing them is hard to do, since they, like cockroaches, seem to just get right back up after a good stepping on. And they are very hard to find and kill since they are so small and hide inside of and underneath many items. They like to build their homes inside of couches, beds, baby strollers and more hard-to-clean items.

Because they can travel so easily and are so hard to kill, their spread is something that is difficult to slow down or stop. They have become the bane of many a hotel, apartment and dining establishment.

The Bed Bug Bite

Not everyone will react the same way to a bed bug bite. For most people, it is a small, raised, red bump on their skin. Other people who are more sensitive will experience rashes or break out in hives.

The bite may even be mistaken for fleas or some other kind of pest, particularly since most people will never see the bed bugs that are biting them. They are typically nocturnal, coming out to feed when people are asleep. They feed off the blood of their victims, but thankfully do not spread any diseases.

Bed bugs tend to bite the heads and necks of their victims, but are not averse to biting arms, legs and feet. Most people won’t even suspect they have bed bugs until they happen to see one or until after they have multiple bites on their body. The bites tend to itch and can become very annoying, making it hard to sleep at night while the bed bugs are feeding.

Handling Bed Bugs

Most attempts to get rid of bed bugs yourself will likely be unsuccessful. This is what the majority of people with bed bugs have found. They simply don’t respond to most insecticides, as most current insecticides are not strong enough to kill bed bugs unless sprayed directly onto the pests. And that means rooting out and finding all the hidden bed bugs, deep inside your furniture, clothes, backpacks and other areas.

If you don’t eliminate the bed bug population completely, then they will come back again. A single bed bug can lay over 200 eggs in its lifetime. And even depriving bed bugs of food will not deter them. Smaller, less developed bed bugs can go without a meal for around six months. An adult bed bug can last for up to a year without feeding. Just because they haven’t had something to eat in a while doesn’t mean they have died off.

What you want is a thorough examination of your bed bug infestation. You will need a professional to come in and fumigate the area. Even then, it can be next to impossible to tell if the bed bugs have been completely eliminated. Often, the best measure is to burn any affected items they may be living in and all materials around the affected items.

A typical bed bug extermination service will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and single visit may not be enough to get rid of all the bed bugs. Places like Australia have a really high concentration of bed bugs making it extremely important that you do what you can to keep them out. Most housing manufacturers have extremely strict standards when it comes to maintaining pest controls. In a recent infestation story in Australia, bed bugs were found in a local townhouse complex with attached garages. When the exterminators came in to treat the area, they made the comment that it looked like people had just completely abandoned this building.

They had left and vacated the premises making it look like every garage and townhouse were vacant. Garage doors were wide open, and the comment that made it even more real was when the exterminator stated that it looked like all of the Melbourne garage doors in the city had been left open. Insulated garage doors were not enough to protect this entire housing complex from getting completely infested with bed bugs.

It is a good idea to schedule a follow up visit to an extermination within a few weeks, just to make sure the bed bugs have not come back. If you start to feel itchy spots on your extremities, you can bet they have already returned.

Bed bugs do not differentiate between clean and dirty houses and can be found practically anywhere. To avoid bed bugs as much as possible, keep alert for reports of bed bugs and do your best to stay away from infected areas.

Keep Your Home Free of Harmful Bugs Through Binary Options Trading

Bugs are a part of our daily life. You may not notice it, but they actually do a lot of our work for us. Insects eat our nail clippings and our dead skin cells, for one. According to a recent study, most homes contain a wide variety of bugs. This recent study says that this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm though; this is because most bugs found at home are mostly harmless. Still, people should know that there are some cases when the bugs in one’s home are actually harmful. Some houses, for example, contain lots of cockroaches, and these cockroaches can spread harmful microorganisms that can affect the health of the people who live in these houses negatively.

It goes without saying that people have to deal with harmful bugs if a lot of them are present in one’s home. Unfortunately, dealing with harmful bugs isn’t just a matter of buying a chemical spray and bombarding one’s house with it. Such methods do prove effective, but they only work in the short-term. In order to deal with harmful bugs, people need to renovate their homes. Their homes need to be renovated so that their building materials don’t capture moisture, so that they don’t have little cracks that can serve as doors to a host of harmful insects, etc. These renovations are just some of the many things homeowners need to have done if they want their home free of harmful bugs. Unfortunately, These little renovations are very costly when they add up; people really need a lot of money for them.

If you currently don’t have any money to make your house free of harmful bugs, then I am going to recommend that you engage in binary options trading. By doing binary options trading, any person can earn enough money to renovate an average-sized house in just a few months.

How exactly does binary options trading work? To engage in binary options trading, people have to sign up for the services of a binary options brokerage first. Most people in the country do binary options trading with Banc de Binary, and this because of a number of good reasons. One reason why people do business with Banc de Binary is that it offers clients the chance to use a demo account first before they avail of a standard account. Through this demo account, those new to binary options trading are able to improve their skills in the trade in a very safe environment. So many people who were financially illiterate are now experts at binary options trading, and this is because of Banc de Binary’s demo account.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get people to save up money for home renovations. If you want to keep your home free of harmful bugs, you really need to renovate it in such a way that it becomes a hostile environment for such insects. Luckily, building a fund for such an endeavour can be an easy task nowadays. By doing binary options trading, for one, people can now earn money to make their home healthy easily. Thousands of people from thecountry have done this; you really should make it a point to learn from them.

Dealing with Bugs/Pests Through the Help of Pest Removal Contractors

Bugs may seem like annoying yet harmless pests but this isn’t actually the case. Cockroaches, for one, carry many allergens that can exacerbate certain medical conditions. In the worst cases, they can even prove to be deadly. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to really make sure that their home is clean and free of pests.

For some homes, however, keeping them free of pests can actually be really hard work. This is because of a wide variety of “uncontrollable” factors. The good news, however, is that through professional help, it is actually very much possible to efficiently deal with household pests.

Due to advancements in technology, homeowners don’t have to worry about pest removal contractors doing work that is disruptive to their daily routine. In addition to this, pest removal contractors now don’t readily use harmful chemicals when dealing with pests. Back then, so many homeowners had reservations about hiring pest removal contractors because they tended to bombard homes with chemicals harmful to both pests and humans. This isn’t the case anymore. Most pest removal contractors now make it a point to deal with pests in the most environmentally friendly and natural way. In the worst cases, they still use chemicals. However, the chemicals they now use are engineered to be relatively safe for human health.

For some homeowners, however, regularly hiring pest removal contractors to service their home can prove quite expensive. The good news is that anyone can now raise the right amount of money for such expenses easily, and this is through binary options trading. Just by creating a Banc de Binary account, for one, people can now enjoy being able to trade in different markets all over the world anytime they want to. What’s great is that one only has to spend a few hours a day doing it in order to make a decent amount of money.

“My name is Holly Landon, and I happen to be housewife. One of the things that I deal with on a regular basis is keeping our house free of pests. Our home is really big, so such a task proves to be too much of a chore for me. Luckily, I am able to afford hiring pest removal contractors to deal with it. Because I work with one of the best binary options trading brokers in the area, I am able to earn a decent living without having to exert that much effort in doing so. Just a fraction of my regular earnings from it is enough to cover my pest removal expenses,” Landon told us over the phone.

Hopefully, this post of mine will give those who are having trouble dealing with the bugs/pests in their homes great insights as to how they can deal with them. Your bug/pest problem doesn’t have to be something that you’ll just have to accept is a part of daily life. Through the help of pest removal contractors, you can definitely keep your home clean and healthy for your family. The best part is that even if you don’t have the money for it now, you can certainly earn enough to hire professional help regularly through binary options trading.

Can Being Bit By A Black Widow Kill You?

There are people who have a deep rooted fear of spiders, and for good reason. Spiders can be poisonous and if bitten it can very dangerous. The Black Widow Spider is probably one of the most feared spiders in the US. These spiders are categorized by the hourglass red mark that is on their bodies, so if you see this mark, it is best to keep your distance. This is a very poisonous spider, as the poison released into a victim is 15 times stronger than than of a rattlesnake, which gives most people some idea of just how dangerous the Black Widow can be. The Black Widow received its name due to the fact that it kills most insects that come near it, plus female spiders kill their male counterparts after mating.

Though the bite of a Black Widow spider does contain a lot poison, for the most part when an average person is bit, it does not kill them. It will cause problems that they have to work through as their body works against the poison that is in their system. For example, they may have intense itching, headaches, dizziness and the like. Though most average people are not killed by the bite from this spider, there are times in which a person can be killed. This is usually seen in younger children and the elderly as their bodies cannot fight off the poison as easily as a healthy adult. Adult female Black Widow’s are the one bite to worry about, yet it needs to be emphasized that only a small percentage of those who are bit end up with life threatening reactions that lead to death. There are certainly documented cases of families who have lost loved ones due to spider bite, and had to end up putting them in the ground. However, these are truly few and far between.

If you are bit, here is what you need to do:

- Collect the spider for positive identification if you can, if not, then do not worry about as the bite of a Black Widow is usually pretty identifiable on its own
- Wash the area with cold water and soap
- Apply a cold compress to decrease swelling
- Put the bite area at about heart level to avoid intense swelling
- Call your doctor for what to do

In most cases, the doctor will tell you to put some peroxide or something similar onto the area and watch to see if the redness spreads or if there is intense pain in the hours to follow. If so, you may need to get to the doctor immediately.

Though the bite may not kill you, you still need to be calm in a situation in which you have been bitten by a Black Widow. Getting excited is only going to make your heart rate increase, which spreads the poison faster through your system. The key is to contain the poison and allow your body the adequate time to fight this off on its own. There is an anti-serum available that combats the poison that Black Widow spiders can put into their victim. But, most hospitals only do this when this is immediately needed.

How To Limit Being Bit By Bugs While You Are Working

Being outdoors is great, but for many the outdoors proves to be more difficult than what they would have imagined. For example, one of the biggest pet peeves that people have when it comes to being outdoors is the bugs. They find that they are in a constant battle with the bugs outside, who seem to never leave them alone. Some people are able to work outside and play outside without these problems, yet for many other people, this can keep them bottled in their home or in the office to avoid the bug bites. There are things that you can do to limit just how many times you are bit by bugs while you are outside working.

If you know that you are going to be working outside for long periods of time, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking precautions and preventing bugs from bothering you. One way to do this is to utilize bug spray on your clothing and exposed skin to ward away these bugs. This is something that you may have to repeat several times if you are outside for long periods of time as sweat can make the bug spray rub off, and passing hours can simply make the bug spray less effective.

Certain occupations lend themselves to being more susceptible to bug bites. Outdoor work is the worst culprit. If you are a warehouse worker who moves goods from place to place, a construction worker, or a person who does door to door sales, your exposure to bugs is quite high.

If you would rather not wear bug spray, as some people do not like the feel of this on their skin or are allergic to this, then consider setting up the candles that keep bugs away. These are often used as a sort of decoration on lawns when people are outside, thus there is no reason that you cannot use these while you are outside working. Though, if you will be moving around a lot, they may not be that beneficial. You will want to make sure that if you are standing around outside near standing water, that you take whatever means necessary to avoid mosquito bites, as these can be dangerous as Mosquitos are known for carrying several diseases.

There are a few precautions you can take when you know you are going to be outside and bugs are going to be around:

1. Avoid wearing cologne or perfume as the sweetness in these smells often attract bugs to bite or sting
2. Wear long sleeve clothing and pants to avoid having bugs eat up your arms and legs
3. Avoid hair products as these act much like smells in attracting bugs
4. Avoid being outside when the sun is first coming up or going down, as this is when bugs are most active, if at all possible

Though these tips are not going to prevent a bug bite completely, they can help to drastically reduce your chances of this happening. If you are bit by bugs, be sure that you are treating this to avoid infection. Many times a person will scratch the bite area, as this can itch tremendously, and this can lead to a bacteria infection from the natural bacteria that is found on the skin.

What Happens If You Get Stung By A Wasp Or Spider?

Getting bitten or stung by any type of insect can be painful, but for those who have ever experienced a bit or sting by a wasp or spider, they know that this pain can sometimes be excruciating. There are several people who go through life never getting stung by these two bugs, and that is great. But, most people have been stung or bitten by one or the other at some point in their life. For the most part, when you are stung by these two insects you have some pain at the time in which they bite you, then you may incur itching as you are beginning to heal from the bite. But, there are those who have more difficulties, so much so that they need medication in order to help them get back to normal.

When a wasp stings you, the stinger usually breaks off into the skin, meaning that you will need to make sure this is out, if not you are going to experience more pain at the site. Spiders, on the other hand, bite and if the spider is poisonous it can inject poison into our blood stream. However, there are relatively few spiders who can poison a person to the point that they die.

Medication that you can get for insect bites are numerous. When you are bitten by a spider or a wasp, you are going to want a cream that can help decrease the itching. Otherwise, you may start to scratch this, leaving a scar or even opening up the wound to infection. Thus, you want to avoid this as much as possible. In addition, you may find that you have to take an antihistamine in order to avoid scratching the bites. Most people respond just fine to the cream, yet others may need more strength that an antihistamine can offer.

There are times in which a wasp or spider can cause the person to have an allergic reaction. When this happens many times the person will feel as though they cannot breath, they may have a headache that is accompanied with dizziness and nausea, swelling at the site in which you are stung, as well as having a fever. There are those who have such serious side effects from this that they must be rushed to the hospital for an adrenaline shot to keep their heart going. Minimally, the bite victim will need to have their blood drawn so that laboratory tests can be administered – don’t worry, this procedure is done by a licensed medical practitioner. However, the majority of people simply end up with itching and swelling.

If you are stung by a wasp or bitten by a spider, then you are going to want to pay attention over the next several hours to ensure that you are not having an allergic reaction. If you know that you have been bit by a spider, if you can remember what type of spider, this could help you if you were to have an allergic reaction. For the most part, if you are bit, simply put on a little itching cream where you have been bitten, and try to avoid scratching this. People get stung by wasps and bit by spiders everyday, with no serious consequences for this.

Spider walking on a tree branch

All About Spiders

Spiders hold many roles in the environment. To some people these are gross bugs that must be exterminated, to others they are great companions, and to others they are the insects that kill other pests that may be harder to get rid of. There are those who are scared to death of spiders, while there are those who love these insects. Spiders are something that get mixed feelings from people, however, they are an important insect in our environment. Spiders are a predatory type of insect and they do keep the number of annoying insect pests down since they capture these insects and eat them. For those who have a love of spiders or those who simply want to know more about these species, the following facts are often found to be very interesting. And who knows, it may change your idea about spiders in general.

1. Spiders cannot eat an insect in its bodily form.

This is why the spider will excrete a digestive enzyme onto the prey. This will liquidize the insect and allow the spider to simply suck it up for nourishment.

2. Some spiders do not spin webs.

Most people think that if there is a spider it is going to spin a web, however, this is not always the case. The jumping spider just jumps to get from one point to the other and stalks its prey, it does not need a web. If a spider does not need web, chances are it does not have the ability to do this at all.

3. Female spiders often eat male spiders, even those that they have mated with.

In spiders, the female spider is always bigger and she will eat the male spider. Even if the male spider may be a mate, after the eggs become fertilized and the deed is done, the female will often turn around and eat the male spider.

4. Most spiders are venomous.

The good news is that most spiders only carry enough venom that is meant to take down an insect – however, there are a few exceptions. This is why when a human is bit, they may have itching and red coloring at the spot of the bite, yet they do not become paralyzed form the toxin. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, some spiders do carry enough venom to hurt humans such as the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider. There is only one family of spiders that are not venomous and this is Uloboridae.

If you love spiders, then you know how great these insects are in the environment as they keep down the number of bothersome insects and flies. However, if you are not a big fan, next time you want to kill a spider, consider all that it is doing to make the world insect free. Overall, spiders are an interest insect that there is tons of information to learn about, even those who do not love spiders will find that the life of a spider is interesting and all that they can do is amazing.

Three cockroaches

Are Cockroaches Really As Old As Dinosaurs?

Cockroaches make most people squirm and if they were to get these in their home, they are going to be calling the first exterminator that they can find in order to get rid of these. Cockroaches are a very old creature and they are hard to kill. In fact, it may take an exterminator several attempts to get rid of all the cockroaches in a home since they reproduce at outstanding rates, and they have the ability to withstand a lot of chemicals that are being used to kill them. With this being said, there are some people who look at cockroaches with wonder. This is because cockroaches are one of the oldest insects in the world, in fact, their history predates the dinosaurs. So yes, cockroaches are older than dinosaurs.

The Evidence

Most people have often heard the comment that not even a nuclear explosion would hurt a cockroach. Even if the rest of the world was crumbling, cockroaches would still be around. This saying may not be too far from the truth. The first evidence of cockroaches is seen in fossil form that was over 350 million years old. This predates dinosaur fossils by around 150 million years. The cockroaches were the dominant creatures of the time, and they were transforming to be what they are today.

It was 1999 when an Ohio University student unearthed the cockroach fossil and was amazed at what was being seen. The fossil was very well preserved for a bug, as the problem that most people have with bug fossils is that bugs do not preserve that well. But, this fossil was so well preserved that the wings and the body could easily be seen, along with the antennae of the cockroaches. It was a great discovery and one that made the cockroach one of the only prehistoric insects that still roams the Earth today.

The Cockroach Today

There are over 3,500 precise of cockroaches, yet only 57 of these species reside in the United States. In addition, of these 57 species, there is only around 20 of these that can live in man made environments, such as your home. Therefore, when you think that cockroaches are only found in homes, you are sadly mistaken. From the cockroach, the termite evolved, which is a bigger threat to most homes since this is what these creatures thrive on.

The cockroach is a pest to most people, but their history is astonishing. To know that these insects were around before dinosaurs and walked with the dinosaurs is amazing. However, for those who do have cockroach problem, they may not be too thrilled to know that the cockroach has such a long history, as they are more concerned with getting it out of their home. What is amazing about the cockroach is that they have been around for years, yet if humans were to perish, they would more than likely go as well. The main food source for most cockroaches is what humans produce, meaning that if humans are gone, cockroaches would be next to go.

Rain forest with a river running through it

Is The Rain Forest Really That Important?

We have all heard of how the rain forest is endangered and needs our help. There are tons of organizations out there that are asking for monetary donations in order to help the rain forest, while other organizations are simply making people aware that the rain forest is in trouble and needs to be something that people are aware of. However, is the rain forest something that we should be worried about? Is the rain forest really that important? The answer to the importance of the rain forest is an unequivocal yes, it is very important. There are several things that the rain forest does for us, and though we may not see this happening, our qualify of life could greatly decrease if the rain forest were to be gone from the Earth.

Help with Pollution

We need to consider that pollution is becoming a huge problem. It is the trees in the world that are taking the dangerous chemicals from the air and helping our air to be more pure. The rain forest is vital in the control of pollution within the air. For those who argue that the pollution is pretty bad as it is, then they need to consider how the air would be if they were to be no afforests in the world.


Many of the medications that people take are derived from specific plants that can only be found in the rain forest. If there were no rain forests, people would be looking for other plants that may have the same healing properties. However, the chances of this happening are slim as the rain forest is home to several thousands, if not millions, of plants that are still not fully identified as to how they could be of help to the world. If people do not pay attention to the rain forest or take any interest in what is going on, they are going to find that they will be sorry about this one day.


In the rain forest there is approximately 20% of the world’s animals that live here. IF the rain forest were to not be protected, a person is going to find that this could greatly diminish the animal population in the world. Without animals, there are certain bugs that would run rampant in countries, as well as decreasing the amount of usable products the world would have.

How You Can Help

If you are serious about doing all that you can do in order to help the rain forest, then the best thing you can do is to raise awareness that there is a problem and encourage other people to help with this effort. The more people that are aware that this is a problem with the rain forest, the more likely it will be saved. Several organizations are dedicated to getting money and help for the rain forest, which is also a great place to start helping with the rain forest.

Overall, the rain forest is a vital part of the ecosystem in the world. Without this, we would find that the quality of air and our lives would be changed completely. This is why it is important that we do all we can do in order to protect it.